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Social Media -  RTMNU English Semester 1 BBA BCCA

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Social Media RTMNU Nagpur University

Theme or main focus of the text:

Various Social Media as means of communication

The usefulness of Social Media

The Overuse or obsession of Social Media

Introduction 👍

We are in the world moving super fast in communication. We are not moving but running and running fast as we are getting connected to the world with the internet and social media as a platform that digitally helps us to connect with the world. No barriers of language, time, distance, can stop the world of social media.

RTMNU BBA BCCA English Question Answer - Social Media

What is social media?

Social media are websites and applications whereby users find platforms to socalize virtually locally and globally. Social Media can be accessed by users with web based apps on computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets.

What are the advantages of social media?

  • Social media is an effective and important means of communication.
  • Communicating fast to any place, person in the world.
  • No time limits can be used and accessed anytime of the day.
  • Easy to use and communicate information and get quick responses.
  • Comfortable to use social media as it can be used sitting at home, at the office, in the garden. Anywhere and anytime is the most important benefit.
  • Reasonable and cost effective, 
  • All types of information, education, news, sports beauty, fashion, world, climate, weather and many more genres of information just at a click.
  • Beneficial for distance learning, online lectures are helpful.
  • Young and upcoming new artists and writers get wide publicity easily and freely.
  • Helpful for advertisers to promote products.

What are the disadvantages of social media?

  • Use of social media is very obsessive mainly among youth.
  • Virtual world appears to be real to people because of editing functions.
  • Information is available easily many a times wrong information is accessed by children, youth and adults. It can be dangerous
  • Precious time is lost as use of social media has no time limits
  • Sharing information of social media means nothing is personal and it can be misused
  • Cyber bulling and cyber threating can be easily done.
  • Students are overusing social media and loosing interest in studies and academics.
  • Social media is found responsible for spreading bogus fake news.
  • Social media has altered people's behavior patterns.
What makes Instagram different from other apps?
Instagram is different from other app because each post have to necessarily have a photograph or video Any written matter or text has to be in the form of a photograph or video.

Explain the reason behind the popularity of You Tube?

You tube is popular because it's content is in video form available 24 hours easily. Creators all over the world post videos so it gets interesting to see videos from cities, villages, mountains, river sides and many other parts of the world. News channels are also available live on You tube. Education, entertainment, sports, movie, science, and no area is left that no video is available in all the languages that too is very interesting.

You Tube operates as the subsidiary of which technology company?

You Tube operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.

How has social media helped with distance education?

Distance education has taken on a newer aspect with live lectures and virtual classrooms. Students are benefited by this facility. Students can attend lecture and learn without people present in the campus. They do not need to travel.

Describe the various popular social media?

The following table explains the various social media with its features.

Networking App

Country of Origin



America & 2004

Mark Zuckerberg

 It is online social media and Social networking site.

Users can post thoughts, message and pictures, videos and write ups.

Users can comment and communicate.

Chatting/messaging can be done.

Accept Refuse, Block people and be choosy on this networking site.

Whats App Messenger

America 2009

Brian Action John Koum


Voice over service VOIP

Users can send text and voice messages.

Users can make voice and video calls and share documents, locations.

Chatting and sending messages stickers, emojis is a powerful way to connect with people.

Whats app groups can be created to exchange specific group information.

Can be used for business purpose also.

WhatsApp status allows sending the status of users and get more visibility remain connected through pictures, audio, videos and text with others on the social media.


American 2010

Kervin Systrom and Mike Krieger

 It is a photo and video sharing social networking.

Users can upload photos and Videos with tag and location information.

Every post has to have a photograph or video.

The posts can e private and public.

Twitter /X

America 2006

Jack Dorsey

 It is a micro blogging and social networking service.

Messages posted are known as tweets.

Compulsory to register and use this app. Unregistered can only read the messages.

Tweets can have 280 characters



America 2011

Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, Reggie Brown

Pictures and messages are available only for 24 hours.

Have virtual stickers, filters as special features.

Popular among younger generation below 16


You Tube

America 2005

Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim

Video sharing platform

Most popular social media platform. Unlimited videos on topics from education, science, news to many others.

Best way to learn and find all the information on videos.

People from all over the world connect on it and create content on it.

It is a channel for business for creators.

Media post, polls can be posted to people.

Not necessary to be subscriber of channels for viewing channel content.

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