Home Coming by Tapati Dey Summary English & Hindi for RTMN Nagpur University

Summary of Home Coming in English & Hindi - RTMNU  BA, BSc & BCA

 Semester 1 English  RTMN Nagpur University

RTMNU  BA BSC, BCA  Semester 1 in English have Home Coming lesson by Dr Tapati Dey. The summary of Home Coming in English and Hindi is given in this post. RTM Nagpur University students can read the summary as it is written in very simple language.

So let's start and read Summary of Home Coming in English, Hindi for RTMNU BSC & BCA
Summary Home Coming by Tapati Day RTMNU 

About the author

Homecoming is a short story written by Dr.  Tapati Dey. She is writer journalist, poet artist. This short story Homecoming is about Shrimanti, a retired lady who goes and stays with her son  in Bangalore. This story speaks about the relationship between family members and the love and the Independence each one needs in the house.

About the story

Shrimanti  mother of Dhairya and Riddhi, retired

Dhairya - son of Shrimati

Dhriti - Wife of Dhairya

Diya  elder daughter of Dhairya and Dhriti  12 yrs 

Riya -  younger daughter 8 yrs 

 Shrimanti  is a retired lady who worked in Nagpur for 30 years and lived in her one room apartment. She has two children,  a son named Dhairya  and the daughter named Riddhi. Dhairya is staying in Bangalore and is married to  Dhriti  and have two daughters Diya and Riya. Diya is 12 years old and Riya is 8 years old. Shrimanti  after her retirement is staying in a two bedroom house of Dhairya. 

The story begins with one day as she is gazing from her window the blue sky and looking at white cranes flying in the sky she takes a sip from the cup and thinks how peaceful and happy these birds are?

 At the same time she hears the conversation of Dhriti and her daugther Diya, 'How long will Nannah vacation be?'  She has been with us for the past 2 vacations says Diya. Dhriti asks her teenage daughter not to speak and says that Shrimati will be staying with them. Diya is unhappy and says that she wants her space in her room. I don't want anyone to tell me what to do or what not to do. While Riya is happy on hearing this. 

After her retirement for a year it was and Dhairya  wanted his mother to stay with him. He knew his mother's struggle and how difficult it was for her to bring up the children while she was having a government job.  Her one room apartment at Nagpur was a place of peace and happiness for Shrimati.  Every brick of the house spoke to her.  After her retirement instead of being alone she stayed with her son. But her friend Shreyasi  cautioned her about this.

 Now Srimanti goes and stays  with her son's family in Bangalore.  Shrimati  helps the children in their homework project work making charts, preparing some good dishes and  monitoring the housemaids.  It was 6 months and Shrimati had no friends in the Metro city she was alone because in Nagpur She had visitors and relatives coming to her house. She felt like a caged bird in the house. Now when she heard the conversation between Diya and her mother she felt sad and thought about it. 

In Nagpur Shreyasi’s  son's marriage was arranged and Shrimanti went to attend the marriage for a week and then she went back to her home. She was happy when she was in Nagpur. but restless was growing within her in Bangalore after returning from Nagpur. It was mid February the Spring season was in the air and Valentine's day was coming near. The girls had planned a picnic on this day.  So everyone in the house went for a picnic.  The girls were playing after lunch and the elders were relaxing on a wooden table having a cup of coffee.  At that time Shrimanti opened up the conversation and said I want to speak to her son and daughter-in law she said, 'children I am aware of the growing situation in the family and I want to be straight forward in sharing that I want to have a small independent place a house to stay which is not far from your place.  I want to stay at home which is closer to you.'

Dhairya was shocked and surprised because he wanted to say the same thing to his mother, Now everyone agreed and started searching for a new house went to different places but they did not like any of them On recommendation of a colleague they went to a place called Devobhumi.  The apartment was beautiful with a peaceful green canopy path. Going to the entrance there was a security guard.  The flats were  made for single people or a couple. The environment outside was green, charming and pleasant.  The doors and the windows were of French glass style. the apartment had a meditation center, a library, a medical emergency room and a doctor. There was a big lawn and  this place was quite beautiful.  Shrimanti and everyone liked this new place and she decided to stay in the house at 'Devobhumi'. 

 Srimati's voice choked, eyes turned blurred as if she had got new wings to fly in the sky just like the white cranes flying in the sky going back home. Finally she had got her new home and so the story has the title Homecoming  meaning going back to home

 Conclusion: Shrimati finally goes to her new home Devobhumi and hence it is a homecoming for her filled with joy and peace.

RTMNU Students can read and revise this summary in Hindi and English for a clear and better understanding. 

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