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Ilyas by Tolstoy Questions Answers RTMNU 

         Nagpur University English BBA, BCCA - Ilyas by Tolstoy

Ilyas,  a short story by Leo Tolstoy is a eye opening story. Students of Nagpur RTMN University are required to study during graduation. The question and answers of Ilyas are shared in this post in a simple language,

ILYAS by Tolstoy Questions & Answers

 Ilyas Answer the questions in short

1.  Who was Ilyas?

 Ilyas was a poor farmer in UFA region. Ilyas did not inherit any wealth from his father but he worked hard to become a wealthy farmer.

2, Where did Ilyas live?

 Ilyas, a Bashkir lived in UFA region.

3. What property did Ilyas inherit from his father?

  Ilyas property  included 7  mares, 2 cows and 2 dozen sheep. from his father.

4.  How many children did Ilyas have?

  Ilyas  had three children,  2 sons and a daughter.

5. In how many years did Ilyas amass a large property?

 Ilyas amassed a large property in 35 years.

 6. What was the name of Ilyas wife?

Sham -Shemagi  was the name of Ilyas wife.

 7. How did the elder son of Ilyas  die?

 The elder son was a drunkard and was killed in a fight.

8. Why did Ilyas separate from his younger son?

 The younger son had stopped listening to his father and his wife was arrogant so Ilyas separated from his younger son.

 9. Who looked after Ilyas and his wife in their bad days?

 Their neighbor Muhamedshah took pity on them in their bad days.

10. What work did Ilyas do under Muhamedshah?

Ilyas worked on  melon gardens in summer and in winter fed the cattle.

 11. What work did Sham- Shemagi do under Muhadmedshah?

Sham-Shemagi milked the mares and prepared Koumiss.

12.What is Koumiss?

Koumiss is a sour milk drink from horse’s milk.

13. When were Ilyas and his wife actually happy?

Ilyas and his wife was actually happy after losing all their possessions.  They experienced true happiness after losing wealth.

 14. What did the mullah say?

Mullah said - Ilyas speech  is complete truth and it is also written in the Scripture.

Answer in 75 -100 words

15. How did Ilyas and his wife look after their guests?

Ilyas and his wife took good care of the guests.  Ilyas welcomed the guests and gave them food and drink.  Whoever came to his house koumiss was  ready for them such as tea and sherbet and lamb. Whenever guests arrived right away a ram or two were killed and when many guests came a mare would be slaughtered.

16. Describe the life of Ilyas and his wife with Muhamedshah?

Ilyas and his wife worked for Muhamedshah.  At first it was difficult but after that they got used to it.  Both of them lived as servants. Ilyas worked in summer on the melon garden and in winter fed cattle according to his strength. His wife Sham-Shemagi would milk the mares and prepare koumiss.They worked as much as they could and served their master.

17. How was Ilyas reduced to poverty?

Ilyas younger son had stopped listening to him. Ilyas had to split up with him and give him a house and cattle and his wealth had reduced. After this his sheep caught a disease and many of them died. Next came a year of hunger and hay did not grow and lost a lot of cattle that winter. Then the Kirgizes came and stole the best of the mares and Ilyas property started to subside, Ilyas started to grow poorer and poorer. he was growing old and losing his strength too. This way he approached his 70th year and he began to sell his rugs, coats, saddles and wagons.

18. How did Sham-Shemagi describe true happiness?

Sham Shemagi says true happiness could not be found when she was rich. They did not have an hour of rest, no talk, no time to  think of soul and no praying to God. They cared a lot. On the  day of guest visit they had to care for them, treat them, give gifts so no guest is upset. After the guest would leave they had to watch over the workers so that nothing was stolen. Other care was that no wolf would prey on a foal or a calf and thieves would not steal the horses. They had no peaceful sleep, only lying down with lots of thoughts. Walk at night to see sheep and lambs and think about the winter stock of food for the cattle. The lady and her husband Ilyas would  talk about their ways to do things and both of them would disagree with one another. Then they would speak bitter words and curse one another. They lived from care to care from sin to another sin and did not see happiness at all. But now she said they experience true happiness as they do not argue about nothing , only to serve their master. Now they speak with each other, care about them, think about their soul and pray to God. After fifty years they found true happiness.

19. Why were Ilyas and his wife unhappy even with a lot of wealth?

Ilyas and his wife were unhappy with a lot of wealth because they did not have time to speak and care for one another. They could not think about their soul, no time to pray to God, no time for one another in their married life. All they did was to take care of the farm, cattle, horses, mares, and guests and look after their servants. They cared for others and ignored their own life. So they worked from morning to evening only to gain money, good name and reputation and collect wealth. 

20. Do you agree with Tolstoy's concept of humanity as conveyed in the story?

Yes, I agree with Tolstoy's concept of true happiness and humanity in the story. Tolstoy shared that true happiness is in being human and loving and caring for one another. Giving time for one another thinking about our own soul, praying to God and finding peace. True happiness is being with one another and caring and not just working day and night to collect wealth. Wealth is not necessary for true happiness and this is all Tolstoy wants to advocate through this story.

21. Write /What is the character sketch of Ilyas?

Ilyas was a hard working poor farmer. His hard work and dedication made him a successful wealthy farmer. Ilyas had 7 mares, 2 cows and 2 dozen sheep in the beginning. Ilyas and his wife Sham Shemagi worked from morning till night, got up and went to bed later than everybody and grew his wealth every year. In 35 years he accumulated a large wealth. He had 200 horses, 150 heads of cattle and 1200 sheep. Ilyas was a hospitable and humble man. He was well known among people and wealthy people began to visit him. Ilyas treated everyone with respect in his house. He welcomed his guest. In Spite of being rich he was grounded to life and richness never got to his mind.

He was humble after losing all his wealth. He was humble enough to work as a servant to Muhamedshah and live like a servant. He was not ashamed to work. This shows how gentle and humble Ilyas was in his life. He was a brave and courageous man. In difficult days he did not blame anyone but like a fighter he fought his poverty by working hard at the age of 70.

Ilyas was a man of strong will power, kind, gentle, and courageous in his spirit. All these traits can be seen in his life portrayed by Leo Tolstoy.

22. What kind of life did Ilyas lead after he became wealthy?

Ilyas had a very easy and comfortable life. He had servants in his house who helped him. Ilyas and his wife worked hard from morning till night. They got up early in the morning before everyone got up and worked late night later than everybody. He accrued 300 horses, 150 heads of cattle and 1200 sheep. Male workers tended Ilyas herd and female workers milked mares and cows and made koumiss, cheese, butter. Ilyas had a lot of visitors visiting him.

23. Mention reasons why Ilyas became poor?

Ilyas' children got spoiled. His son began to drink and his elder son was killed in a fight. The other son stopped listening to his father and his wife was arrogant. So Ilyas split from his son and so he had to give house, cattle  and so his wealth was reduced.

Soon after his split his sheep caught a disease and many of them died. Net year was a year of hunger as hay did not grow. Many of his cattle died. Then the Kirgiz's came and stole the best mares. 

Conclusion: This post covers all the questions and answers of the story 'ILYAS' by Leo Tolstoy. Students can read and revise to get to know how to write answers in a creative way.

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