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 The Boy Who Broke the Bank - Summary and Question Answer RTMNU

The Boy Who Broke The Bank - RTMNU Nagpur University 

Question and Answers The Boy who Broke The Bank Nagpur University

Summary of The Boy Who Broke The Bank:

This is a story about a sweeper boy called  Nathu who works at Pipal Nagar Bank owned by Seth Govind Ram. One day Nathu grumbled to himself as he was sweeping the steps of the Pipal Nagar Bank. He used the small broom carelessly and so the dust was  rising in a cloud above his head and then settle down on the steps again. Sitaram the washerman's son passed by. Sitaram was going to deliver a bundle of freshly pressed clothes he carried on his head.

 He said to Nathu are you angry? because the bank is not paying you an extra two rupees a  month. Nathu said I do not want to speak about it because I have not received my regular pay. It is the 20th  of the month. As soon as I  get the pay I will leave and work no more in this Bank said Nathu.

 Sitaram wished him good luck and said that he would look for a job for him. Sitaram walked slowly with difficulty since he had to carry a bundle of clothes on his Head and Shoulder. The fourth house Sitaram visited was of Mrs. Shrivastava. Sitaram heard Mrs. Shrivastava wanted a sweeper boy, so Sitaram said he knows a sweeper boy  who can start the work  next month. He said the boy was working with the bank and the bank is not giving him pay and so he wants to leave the bank. The lady told the boy to come and see her the next day.

 Mrs. Srivastava went to the market as she had to do some shopping. She gave instruction to Aaya who were looking after her baby. Under a large Tamarind tree and she met her friend Mrs. Bhushan. Mrs. Bhushan shows Mrs. Srivastava a sample of cloth she was going to buy.  After that, Srivastava told her friend that Govind Ram's Bank can't pay its employees. This morning she said she had heard a complaint from the sweeper boy that he had not received pay for over a month.


Mrs. Bhushan said it was shocking that they can't pay, they must be in a bad condition and none of the others would be getting paid also.  Then Mrs. Bhushan searches for her husband and he was sitting in front of Kamal Kishore's photographic shop .She told her husband that the Pipal Nagar bank is going bankrupt. Kamal Kishore heard and suddenly asked which bank.  She said it was Pipal Nagar Bank who had stopped paying salaries.  Kamal Kishore  talked to his neighbor the barber Deepchand  and told Pipal Nagar bank is about to collapse and said get your money from the bank. Deepchand was cutting the hair of an elderly gentleman. He was shocked and he made a small cut to his customer's right ear. Customer got up even though his one side neck still unshaven. Went across the road and dialed Seth Govind Ram’s number. No one picked up the phone since Govind Ram had gone to Kashmir for a holiday. The elderly man came back to Deepchand and said that the bird has flown and said Govindram had left the town and definitely the bank had collapsed. This new spread in the City like a forest fire. The old Beggar Ganpat who had a crooked leg had been squatting on the pavement for many years. Astonished everyone by running at top speed and leaping to his feet. he had Rs 1000 in the bank.

 Many men stood in the streets discussing the situation some said Govind Ram had left the country some said Govindram left the city some said Govind Ram was hiding in the Bank some said Govindram had hanged from the tamarind tree and  it came to be known in the morning by the sweeper boy.

People gathered in large number and went to the bank to get the money. Manager knew the ready cash was finished. The manager of the bank was tired because no emergency fund was available in the nearby bank and the next bank was 30 miles away. There was a big crowd in the bank who was asking for money to be returned to them. People were turned back and told that they will get the next day.  All the people gathered on the steps of the bank and shouted we want our money back. Some people who did not have an account joined the crowd and aggravated the mood. The manager explained to the people, but the people did not listen. A brick was thrown in speed in the air and the glass windows were broken.

 The next morning Nathu came to the bank. He saw the garbage the broken glass the stones and said  sons of donkey Hooligans  have created this garbage.

  Sitaram came the net day and said to Nathu are you ready to take a new job next month  because the bank is going to be closed?"  Nathu was surprised and said why is that how is that?  Sitaram was shocked and said haven't you heard of ? wait here for sometime? Half of the people will come to the bank to take their money.  Sitaram said this and went away.

Nathu Went back  to his work he had to finish the cleaning. Nathu was thinking  how is it that the bank is collapsed? He kept on think what had happened?

Questions and Answers - The Boy Who Broke The Bank - BA RTMNU Nagpur University

Write about the character Sketch of Nathu?

This story is about a sweeper boy Nathu.  He has not got  his salary, the manager does not care about the boy and his difficulties. So the poor boy, out of his frustration, speaks to his friend Sitaram. His friend understands the difficulties and he actually starts to look for a job for Nathu. Nathu is really in need of money. we come to understand that he is working in the bank even though he has not been paid the salary for over a month.   The owner Seth Govind Ram is a careless man who is not bothered about his staff.  Here we see a human being and his feelings. We can understand that Nathu is just like us, a common human being who needs money to live life. In spite of working hard he is not paid. So he is looking for a job which can give him a monthly salary.

In frustration Nathu speaks About not being paid.  But this fact is turned into a rumor by the people  who listen to it.  Due to poor listening skills and incorrect communication the news of a bank going bankrupt creates havoc in Pipal Nagar.  finally the bank broke and Nathu  would be out of work. We understand how a poor boy now is a victim of a poor listening skill situation.  His job is gone and the bank also collapsed. Many people lost the job working in the bank. He doesn't understand how the bank collapsed so we see simplicity, innocence,  and genuine emotions in his character.

What do  people imagine about Seth Govind Ram?

 Some people say Govind Ram has left the country and left the city. Some say he is hiding in the safe deposit lockers of the bank. Some say he has hanged himself. People were speculating about Govind Ram. They thought that he was responsible for all this havoc. But the fact is that Govind Ram is in Kashmir on a holiday.

What is interesting about the beggar?

 The bigger old Ganpat had been sweating on the pavement for many years he was begging on the street but when he heard the news that the bank is going to be collapsed he too dubbed and started to run at top speed in the direction of the bank he was sleeping and running. he had Rs. 1000 in the bank.  people wear astonished  to see him running leaping on his feet because all these years they saw him squatting sitting on the pavement.

Who was responsible for breaking the bank?

I think Nathu was not responsible for breaking the bank. All the people who listened poorly and thus created wrong messages and passed on these information to one another in the market were responsible for breaking the bank.

Mrs. Shrivastava
Mrs. Bhusan
Mr. Bhusan
Mr. Kamal Kishore
The elderly customer
The mischief makers who did not have account
The Beggar

The actions and communication of all these people aggravated the situation. A simple information about Nathu is turned into a terrible rumour by the people due to poor and incorrect listening skills.

All the people were truly responsible for the mishap.

Who is Nathu?

Nathu is a sweeper boy who works in Pipal Nagar Bank in the Pipal Nagar, He is an innocent boy who was waiting for his manager to pay him the salary for his work. He was annoyed because he was not paid his money and it was over 20 days of the month.

Who is Sitaram?

Sitaram is washerman's son and he seems to be friendly with Nathu. He is a man who is truly concerned about Nathu. Since he was actively looking for work for Nathu. he wanted to help Nathu. This shows Sitaram is man with good heart.

Write about Listening Skills from the story?

Listening is an important soft skill. Man is gifted with the ability to listen and talk and this communication skills is an important part of life. In this story we understand that the people involved in the story do not listen  carefully and develop their own understanding and this is a big mistake. Poor listening leads to incorrect or half right and wrong information. People develop their own thought process and try to understand it mistakenly. This leads to incorrect messages being passed in and around us. In the story we see how poor listening skills was instrumental in passing incorrect information about the bank. This led to a huge dangerous situation and finally the people misunderstood and the bank broke without any reason, purpose or need.

Conclusion: So the summary, question and answers are helpful to students to read and understand the story The Boy who Broke the Bank.

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