The Gateman's Gift Summary - RTMNU BA

 The Gateman's Gift Summary

Summary of Gateman's Gift by R. K. Narayan- English BA,  RTMNU Nagpur University

The Gateman's Gift Summary for students studying Compulsory English & Supplementary English.

The Gatemans Gift by R K Narayan Summary

Gateman's Gift is a lovely funny story about a common human man. The writer in this story wants to convey deeper meaning through humor in a light way. The main theme of the story Gateman's Gift is fear and insecurity in old age, identity, art and creativity.

Summary of the Gateman’s Gift by R. K. Narayanan

 This is a short story about the post-retirement life of Govind Singh, a ex-serviceman who now worked as a  gateman  for twenty-five years at Engladia’s. His job followed a simple daily routine of watching the staff headed by the General Manager enter and exit the office. When he realized that he could no longer perform his duties due to his senses dulling with age he chose to retire from the job with a pension. Over the course of his tenure at the job Govind Singh had come to deify the General Manager with his two brief encounters at the start and the end being the highlights of his working life. Again, Govind’s life had fallen into the steady humdrum of daily activity with the monthly ritual of collecting his pension from the office accountant being the high point of the month. One day, Govind Singh discovers his inner artist quite accidentally while mending a neighbourhood child’s doll.He became quite good at this clay model making and derived much joy and satisfaction from the admiring people. Govind now began a new routine of taking some little clay model gift for his former General Manager whom he adored so much.All was going well until one day he received a registered letter which filled him with an unusual dread as he equated registered letters with bearers of bad news. Afraid to open the letter he would go from person to person asking them to reveal the contents of it without opening it leading people to doubt his sanity. One day he approached a compounder who suggested to Govind Singh that an X-ray machine might be the solution to his problem and gave him the address of the local X-ray institute. When Govind  Singh asks the assistant at the institute to use the X-ray machine to reveal the contents of the letter, the assistant is concerned for Govind’s mental health and suggests he go home and rest, and return when he is well.This incident at the X-ray institute causes Govind to snap, and he starts believing that he is mad just as the people who look at him funny seem to believe.His erratic behaviour causes him to destroy his latest clay model at home and also vandalize the neighborhood streetlight by smashing the bulb with a stone.This causes the local police constable to take him into custody for causing a commotion, and on the way to the police station the office accountant recognizes Govind and the unopened letter in his hand.

The accountant tells Govind Singh that in appreciation of his monthly clay gifts for the General Manager he had been awarded Rs. 100.The accountant also assures Govind Singh that he is not mad, and he should resume his clay model making hobby. However, the next time Govind Singh comes to collect his pension at the office, he tells the accountant that he no longer indulges in clay model making as it is “not an occupation for a sane man”.

Conclusion : The writer R K Narayan through a short funny story teaches how fear affects normal human behavior.

FAQ's of Gateman's Gift by R.K. Narayan

1. What is the name of the gateman?

  Govind Singh is the name of the gateman.

2. How many years did he work as a gateman?

  He worked for 2 years as a gateman.

3. Who cured  Govind Singh of his madness?

  The accountant cured Govind Singh.


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