The Gateman's Gift by R K Narayan Questions Answers

The Gateman's Gift by R K Narayan Question &Answer

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Gateman's Gift - R K Narayan

About the story in short:
The main central theme in the story Gateman's Gift is creativity, simplicity, fear and insecurity, consequences of fear causing insane behavior. Gateman's Gift throws light on the administrative process and unclear communication. It is a story of ex-gateman Govind Singh who served faithfully for 25 years as a gateman in Engladia. After his retirement he was awarded a pension of Rs.100 per month. During the free time Govind Singh discovered his art of making a miniature clay models. Many people admired his talent. His previous boss also liked his models and as a token of gift sent him Rs.100 as gift through post. But Govind Singh thought it could be a letter about dismissal of his pension amount and was not ready to open the letter and acted like a mad person. This story revolves around his actions and getting to be normal after knowing the truth.

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Lets learn long question and answer of Gateman's Gift:

1.       1.    Who is Govind Singh and what problem does he face?

Govind Singh an ex-serviceman was working as a gateman of Engladia's for 25 years.  He liked the job, the khaki uniform and worked as a gatekeeper  twenty- five years. He retired from the service of gatekeeper and received a pension of twelve rupees every month. He was sincere, honest man who was punctual in his job. He was loyal employee.

One day Govind Singh received a registered postal letter from his company. Upon receiving the letter he was horrified and wanted to eagerly now what was written in it. But due to his fear and anxiety he was not ready to open the letter and read it. He approached his wife, his friend and acquaintance to tell him the content of the letter without opening it. His problem was he got fearful and scared and was not ready to open it and wanted to know what was written in it.

1.       2.    How and what did Govind Singh find out about himself after retirement?

After retirement Govind Singh had a lot of time around him. One day a child from neighborhood brought to him its little doll for repair. Govind Singh not only repaired it but made a new thing of it. He suddenly discovered that he could make fascinating models of clay and wood dust. He had plenty pliant clay in his backward and got wood dust from the carpenters shop net to his cousin’s cigarette shop. He began making various miniature models from clay He found that he has creative skill for preparing model’s from clay. This discovery pleased him so much that very soon he became absorbed in it.

3.   What kind of mad things does Govind Singh do after he receives the letter? 

On receiving registered post letter Govind Singh was scared and fearful. When his wife asked him ‘What was it?’ he replied ‘How should I now. Perhaps our ruin’. These words reflect his fearfulness and anxiety. His wife suggested him to open the letter but he rejected her suggestion saying that it would be letter mentioning that his pension his stopped. The fear of pension being stopped scared him. He wandered with the letter in his pocket. He lost taste for food. He kept asking everyone he came across: ‘Tell me, what is there in this? Singh then went to X – Ray Clinic to find out what was written in it. He asked the assistant what was written in it. The assistant told him to go home and take rest as he was not right. He felt that people are considering him as a mad man. He wanted to fly. He swung his arms up and down and ran on with a whoop through the Market Road. People stood about and watched, he cried and said don’t laugh at a mad man.  When he saw children coming out of school, he fell on his hands and knees and crawled up to them as a tiger. He went home in terrible condition. He looked at his latest model a memento of his father’s village. He had guarded it like treasure until now but  in his madness he raised his foot and stamped everything down into a multi-coloured jam. He threw the  stamped jam at the donkey who was grazing  outside. He made a miniature clay helmet and put it on his head. He walked down the market place road he picked up a pebble and threw it on the street lamp and broke it.  Then he stopped people who were cycling on the road and began giving advice to them.

1.    4.    Describe the character of Mr. Govind Singh?

M Govind Singh was a honest man who worked sincerely. He was committed to his job and   was very humble man. Mr. Govind Singh worked as gatekeeper of Engladia  for 25 years. The owner was happy with Govind Singh and so when we asked for pension on his retirement he was granted Twelve Rupees pension per month. This reflects that the General Manager was happy with the services of Govind Singh as he was a  sincere good employee.

     Govind Singh was a man with sound mind and behaved with maturity until one day when he received a registered letter from his company. After retirement he was conscious about his pension and was dependent on the money. In his free time after retirement he had begun to make clay models and was very creative in the art. Everyone appreciated him who saw his miniature models. But after he received the letter he got scared, fearful and unsecured . He lost peace of mind and began to behave in a weird manner.  In this troubled state of mind he did many abnormal things. The fear within him was the real cause. A man with sound mind behaved like a mad/insane man was only due to fear of losing pension. At last he got to know that the company had rewarded him and was relaxed to hear it. His stress had gone and he came back to his original normal state of mind. Thus we can say that Mr. Govind Singh was a normal man, a trustworthy and honest worker. He went through stress and so his behavior was impacted. But soon he came back to his normal state of mind. At last Govind Singh stopped making miniature models of clay. After going through much stress and trouble he felt that it was not a occupation of sane man to make models. So he left making models.

     The story portrays Govind Singh as a simple, honest, creative man with artistic skills of making toys, his fearful nature and the consequences of his insane behaviour. Govind Singh is an interesting character projected in the story.

1.   5.    Who cures Govind Singh of his madness?

T    The accountant of Engladia’s cures Govind Singh of his madness. When Govind Singh breaks the street lamp, a policeman takes him to the station. When they were walking to the station, a few carriages and cycles were coming on Govind Singh and he found that everything was wrong about them. He wanted to advice them, so he stopped in the middle of the road, stretched his arms and shouted, ‘When I was in Mesopotamia – I will tell you fellows who don’t know anything about it’. The policeman dragged him away to the side. One of the cyclists jumped of the saddle and came towards him. He was the accountant and he said what the matter is? Goivind Singh recognized his voice and said that he may pass. The accountant saw the letter in Govind Singh’s hand and understood that he has not yet opened the letter so he snatched it from him. He read the letter and translated word to word to him and informed him that the General Manager has given a reward of Rs.100 as encouragement for his clay models to Govind Singh. Govind Singh understood that the G.M. had sent reward to encourage him. Singh then asked the accountant, ‘Tell me Sir, am I mad or not?’ When the account replied that he looked quite good and not mad he was cured. Govind Singh got assurance from the accountant that he is not a mad man. This way he is cured of his madness.

6.    6.  Why does Govind Singh stop making the clay models?

Initially when Govind Singh discovered his new skill of making miniature clay and wood dust models. He got absorbed in it and was very happy. People began to appreciate him for his skill. But after receiving a letter from Engladia's. He got scared and thought that the letter would say that his pension would be stopped. So he was not ready to open the letter and behaved in a weird manner. In his madness he did many odd things which a normal man would never do. But fortunately the accountant meets him in the road and understands that Govind Singh has not opened the letter and is not in normal state of mind. He opens the letter reads one to word content and informs him that a reward/gift of Rs.100 is given to him.

Now Govind Singh realizes what all mad things he had done just due to his fear. He feels that the occupation of making clay models is not a occupation of a normal man. So he stops making models since now he wants to live a life like a normal person.


Govind Singh an ex-gateman finally decided to stop making the clay models and never gain think about it. He comes back to normal after the accountant explains him all the content of the letter.

F    FAQs on The Gateman's Gift:

1.   1. Who is the writer of the short story Gateman's Gift?

R.    R.  K Narayan is the writer of the story Gateman's Gift.

      2. Who is the gateman in the lesson?

 G  Govind Singh is the gateman in the lesson.

     3. What does Govind Singh decide to do at last?

       At last Govind Singh decides to never make any creative miniature model.

  4  4. How much gift does the owner of Englandia send to Govind Singh?

 T    The owner sends him a gift of Rs,100.


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