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 Senor Payroll Question and Answers -RTMNU   BA English

Senor Payroll by W. Barrett - Question and Answers for RTMNU Nagpur University, Shivaji University

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 Senor Payroll by William Barrett - RTMNU BA Supplementary English

About the Story in Brief


Senor Payroll


W.E Barrett

Soft Skills



About the Author : William Barret was born in New York, City. He wrote short stories, fiction, aviation and detective.

Characters in the Story

Larry - Junior Engineer 

Mexican workers - Stokers -Juan Garcia, Gonzalez, Mendoza Obregon, Ayala and Ortez

Story in brief in English: Senor Payroll is a mind blowing humorous story about Mexican workers and  employer /management of gas plant. Mexican are hard worker people and work in gas plant are paid twice in a month on 5th and 20th . These workers have the habit of spending money and mostly ask for advances after 3 -4 days. Due to the advance request, the clerks Larry and Narrator has to do much of paper work. To avoid this paper work the management comes up with different plans and issues different orders. But the Mexican workers find a way to overcome every rule and get the money. Finally the employer withdraws all the rules and orders.
The story focuses on the adaptability skills of the workers to adapt to every new challenge and employer's adaptability to understand the workers problem and adapt to their needs.

Lets learn long question and answers of Senor Payroll 

1.      What is the job responsibility of the two engineers?

The two engineers did all the paper work of the gas plant and worked liked clerks. They were responsible to do the payroll work of all the employees and hence are called Senor Payroll. The two engineers were responsible to put into effect all the orders that came from the main office downtown. To the Mexican workers they were paymasters.

2.      What qualities do the stokers have that make them indispensable to the company?

The stokers were Mexicans who were considered great workmen. The aristocrats among the Mexicans were the stokers. They were big men who worked Herculean eight-hour shifts in the fierce heat of the retorts. They scooped coal with huge shovels and hurled it with uncanny aim at the tiny doors. The stokers worked stripped to the waist, and there was pride and dignity in them. Few men could do such a hard and risky work and that’s the reason that makes them indispensable to the company.

3.      What system of wage payment does the company have?

The company followed a bimonthly wage system. They paid salary two times in a month once on 5th and next on 20th of every month.

4.      Why did the company issue the first memo?

The company issues the first memo as there had been too many abuses of the advance payout wages. So to prevent such abuses of the advance payout the company issued the first memo.

5.      Why did the stokers start to make excuses?

The stokers started to make excuses because the company had stopped giving the advances and had come up with a new rule/order that no worker will get advance and advance will be given only If there is medical emergency at home. So to get advance the Mexican workers began to make different excuses of medical emergency.

6.      Why did they start resigning?

They started to resign because as per the second order/rule issued by the company employee would get advance only when he resigns from the company. So to get advance money the workers started to resign as they had no ther option or choice due to the strict rules/orders of the main office.

7.      Why did they start assuming new name?

The Mexican workers started to assume new names because the  company had issues a order that a employee cannot rejoin the company before 30 days after leaving the job. Since the workers didn’t have any job and had to work, they assumed a new name to rejoin the work. 

8.      What did the company finally do?

The company finally took back all the orders they had issued. They accepted that they could not win over the Mexican workers and new rules were not helping them but creating a chaos in the company environment. The company accepted their defeat and rolled backed all the orders.

9.      Why did a situation of conflict arise?

The situation of conflict arose as the company wanted to rule over the workers. They wanted that the workers should obey and follow all the orders given by top management of the company. In doing so, that ignored the needs and difficulties of the Mexican workers. They could not understand the Mexican workers needed money every 3rd or 4th day of the work and so the workers tactfully found ways to get the money bypassing the orders of the company. So a situation of conflict arouse between the workers and company.

10.  Who benefitted when the conflict was resolved?

The conflict between the workers and the management gets resolved when the junior engineers meet the superintendent to apprise him of the real situation The workers and the company both were benefitted when the conflict was resolved. The workers no longer needed to give fake reasons, or names to get advance payout money. Also the company’s work would go on smoothly without any hassle. Thus both the parties were benefitted.

11.  In light of the story ‘Senor Payroll’ explain the adaptability skills?

In the light of the story we can say that the workers, management and junior engineers adapted themselves and this helped to resolve the conflict.  The narrator and the Larry both were good at managing Mexican stokers and the management of the company. The junior engineer understands the problems and difficulties of the workers that they need to get advance every 3rd or 4th day. The management makes new rules so that they could change the situation and keep the workers under their orders. However Larry and narrator with exceptions and help the workers. The workers in order to get advance invent new excuses to deal with each new rule/order issues by the company.

If the workers and the company did not adapt themselves they could face problems and be at loss. So the need of adaptability is seen from both the sides and at the end we see they adapt themselves to the situation. The Mexican workers portrayed their adaptability skills to handle all the difficult situations. The determination and patience of these workers is admirable. The company accepted the defeat adapted and accepted the workers as they needed workers to run the gas plant for profit. So both company and workers adapted themselves to the changing circumstances. So we learn in the story that adaptability skills is needed and required in life.

FAQs on the RTMNU BA  Supplementary English Story Senor Payroll

1. Which soft skill is mentioned and highlighted in the story Senor Payroll?

Adaptability skill is highlighted in the story Senor Payroll. Both the workers and and the management finally compromise by adapting to the situation.

2. Name the important characters in the story?

Larry, Juan Gracia, Mendoza, Gonzale, Ayala and Ortez are important major characters in the story.

3. Who benefitted when the tension was over?

Both workers and the management were benefitted as the conflict got resolved.


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