MCQs 'The Antidote' by R K Narayan -bulbul study

The Antidote -MCQs BA English RTMNU Nagpur University

The Antidote -MCQs RTMNU B A English Sem 2

The Antidote MCQs are posted for  BA English semester 2 RTMNU University students.

About the Story -'The Antidote'

 'The Antidote' is a short tale written by R K Narayan. The story revolves around the main character Gopal who believes in prediction/superstition told to him by astrologers. Gopal begins to live in fear and anxiety and his life changes as he believes the prediction of  astrologer. R K Narayan portrays the negative effects of  belief on prediction/superstition in the story humorously.

Gopal the main character of the story is an actor. He has to act on the instructions of his director. The director was not in the habit of narrating the story to anyone. He took his actors shot by shot just telling them their portion of acting. If any one would ask him question he would tell just do it. He  treated his actors like a puppet and so it was unnecessary for the puppet to do it's own thinking. Director told Gopal to do the scene, he said he should pick the telephone after it rings three times. Gopal was doing the scene but his sound words was going wrong and so he kept on practicing. The  director told that the scene would continue as he picks up the telephone and then Gopal would say only Hallo and listen. Then we would do the acting of falling down and die due to hearing of shocking news.

Gopal was unhappy to do the scene of death and he asked cant the director change the scene. The director asked him the reason. Gopal told him that the day was his birthday. It was peculiar 49th  birthday because astrologers had told him that he would not see this birthday and if he would see it than he should not worry rest of his life. Astrologer suggested that he should not do anything unpleasant on this day and so he did not want to do the scene of the death. Gopal said he came late today because he had propitiatory rituals at home. The director was impressed and asked the story writer if he could change the scene. Gopal suggested to the director that public might like to scene happy ending so the scene could change. The story writer and the director did not agree and finally the director asked Gopal to act in the scene. Since Gopal was the only earning member in the home he could not afford to loose the job and he decided to act. Gopal wanted to do the scene tomorrow but the director did not agree.

The scene was ready to shoot and he began the scene and he fell back and rolled slight to a side before the director said cut Gopal shook his head and opened his right eye and winked just to show that he is alive. The director shouted Retake again since he had seen it.

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The Antidote Summary in Hindi

RTMN University BA English Semester 2 The Antidote

MCQs of The Antidote by R K Narayan

Answer the following MCQs – Multiple Choice Questions:

1.      1. Gopal was ______by profession.

A.      A  short story writer

B.      A director

C.      An actor

D.      An astrologer

Ans – C

2.       2.The director viewed Gopal’s posture_______

A.      Critically

B.      Appreciatively

C.      Hesitantly

D.      Gleefully

Ans – A

3.       3.What did the astrologers predict regarding Gopal’s birthday?

A.      That he would die before that day

B.      That if he lived to that day he had nothing to worry

C.      That he was going to die

D.      That he should not play the part as he would die on the set

Ans – B

4.       4.The director was______________

A.      In a habit of narrating a gist of the story to everyone

B.      In the habit of narrating the story in detail to everyone

C.      In the habit of narrating each actor’s part to them

D.      Not in the habit of narrating the story to anyone

Ans – D

5.       5.Why was Gopal supposed to swoon?

A.      Because he was afraid he was going to die

B.      Because he knew his family would be orphaned

C.      Because he has heard terrible news on the phone

D.      Because the director wanted him to appear as though he was dying

Ans – D

6.       6.What was unnecessary for a puppet to do?

A.      Moving

B.      Talking

C.      Thinking

D.      Walking

Ans – C

7.       7.What did the astrologer advise Gopal not to do?

A.      Go to work

B.      Do anything unpleasant

C.      Have the script changed

D.      Think about the prediction

Ans – B

8.       8.The director wanted Gopal to cooperate. His tone was_______

A.      Pleading

B.      Mollifying

C.      Stern

D.      Decisive

Ans – B

9.      9. Finally,________________________________________

A.      Gopal decided to alter the instructions with his own physical movements

B.      The director postponed the shoot till the next day

C.      The story writer altered the script

D.      The astrologers words came to pass

Ans - A

10. How was the director while he was working with actors?

A.    He was in a habit of narrating the story to every actor.

B.    He was not in the habit of narrating the story to anyone.

C.    He was narrating the story before beginning the recording

D.    He himself did not know the story.

Ans - B


         In this article the story The Antidote is explained in English and Hindi. Students                     can revise in any language and study the mcqs with proper answers. The above                     mcqs are helpful to all the students of  RTMNU BA Compulsory English             
         semester 2

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