RTMNU University Syllabus BA Compulsory English Syllabus Part 1 Semester 2

 2023 RTMNU University BA English Revised Syllabus  Semester 2

RTMNU Nagpur University Syllabus 2023 BA First Year Semester 2 Compulsory English Syllabus

RTMNU University BA English Syllabus Semester 2

Prescribed Text - Alluring Aroma (Macmillan Education)

Syllabus RTMNU BA Compulsory English Semester 2 

Sr. No


Unit I



When Telegrams Were Bad – Sudha Murthy


The First Woman Jawan Shanti Tigga


The Antidote – R K Narayan


The Conjurer’s Revenge – Stephen Leacock



Unit II



The School Boy – Willian Blake


Whom Dost Thou Worship –Rabindranath Tagore


Sympathy –Paul Dunbar


Lord Ullin’s Daughter – Thomas Campbell



Unit III

Writing Skills


Business Communication Part 2


Advertising Writing- Vacancies, Property to Sell/Product for Sale


Meeting – Notices, Agenda, Minutes


Skills based on the prescribed textbook



Unit IV

Language Study


Tenses, Degrees of Comparison


Vocabulary Building – Prefix/Suffix, Paronyms

RTMNU Marks Distribution BA Compulsory English Semester 2

Theory Exam - 80 marks

Internal Assessment - 20 marks

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Lets learn about the RTMNU BA Compulsory English Students semester 2

Total Lesson/Prose  - 4

1. When Telegrams Were Bad - This is a short story by Sudha Murthy taken from her book Wise and Otherwise - A salute to life. In this story the author tells the reader the importance of clear communication in life and portrays an incident in which a communication error caused a big havoc to the author herself. She wants to convey a message that communication is an important part of our life and a small mistake can affect and cause damage to people. She says communication is the thing which differentiates us from animals and so every human being should be careful while communicating with others.

2. The First Woman Jawan Shanti Tigga - This is a article which tells us the story of a brave and courageous woman Shanti Tigga. Shanti Tigga's husband passed away suddenly and she was given job on compassionate ground. At that time Shanti was a mother of two children. She joined Railways as a points man and from there she sat for Railway Engineers Territorial Army Test. She was physically fit that in her physical test she outperformed her male colleges and was selected as a first woman Indian jawan. She broke all the barriers and stereotypes and joined the Territorial army as first Indian female jawan.

3.  The Antidote- by R K Narayan is a short fun loving story. Narayan in this story wants to bring to light the superstition and belief in superstition in Indian community. The story speaks about the main protagonist Mr. Gopal who is actor in a play and earns his livelihood through acting. He believes the word of astrologers who say that if he sees his 49th birth we would have no worries rest of his life. He lives in fear until 49th year and the story speaks about his belief and work expectations in the acting scene.

4, The Conjurer's Revenge- by Stephen Leacock is a short story describing an incident between a conjurer and a Quick Man while the conjurer is performing his magic. The Quick Man is seated among the audience and is fast to think and respond, Every trick which the conjurer performs the Quick Man spoils it by saying that the conjurer had it in his sleeves. Finally the conjurer decided to take revenge of the Quick man and manipulatively tricks him and takes revenge.

Information about 4 Poems in English

1.The School Boy  by William Blake. in this poem the poet speaks about the restrictions on the nature loving boy. Who is happy in the surrounding of nature but is forced to go to school. The boy dislikes to go to school and study in the classroom. He likes freedom in the nature.

2.Whom Dost Thou Worship by Rabindranath Tagore - is a poem from Tagore's Gitanjali. The poem is addressed to all religious people who believe they can attain deliverance through the cycle of birth and death. through ritualist practices like telling the beads and visiting temples to seek the God.

3. Sympathy  by Paul Dunbar presents the feeling of an oppressed black  African -American because he is not treated with respect in the American community, He compares the situation of African American to a caged bird who longs for freedom and life. The poet tells about the  helplessness of the bird.

4. Lord Ullin's Daughter - by Thomas Campell. This poem is a sorrowful poem which tells us an incident of Lord Ullin's daughter drowning with her lover in the middle of the sea. Lord Ullin's was against his daughters love with the chieftain of Ulva island. The daughter eloped with chieftain and Lord Ullin followed them and due to fear they crossed the sea and drowned in the sea.


RTMNU BA  Compulsory English Semester 2 syllabus is described in short with all the important information about the lessons and poems. By reading this article students will get idea and understanding about the lessons and poem.

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