The Conjurer's Revenge MCQs - BA English RTMNU Nagpur University


The Conjurer’s Revenge MCQs 

MCQs The Conjurer's Revenge BA English  Sem 2 RTMNU Nagpur University

The Conjurer's Revenge MCQs -bulbul study

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Rastrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University B A Semester 2 Compulsory English syllabus includes  the prose 'The Conjurer's Revenge' - a short story. This short story by Stephen Leacock is interesting as well as teaches us a lesson on our feelings such as anger and revenge. RTMNU students have to study this short story in first year second semester. Students can refer to:

This article covers the MCQs of the short story and summary of The Conjurer's Revenge in Hindi and English. As students find it difficult to understand the lesson, summary in Hindi and English is prepared in a very simple manner. RTMNU BA English students can learn about the lesson and answer the mcqs by reading this article. 

The Conjurers' Revenge MCQs

Answer the following Multiple Choice Questions MCQs


1.       The conjurer took revenge against__________

A.      The organisers of the show

B.      The audience

C.      People in general

D.      The Quick Man

Ans – D

2.       The conjurer took his revenge by___________________

A.      Engaging the Quick Man in  his tricks

B.      Showing tricks that harmed the Quick Man

C.      Using dark magic to get back at the audience

D.      Ignoring the uick Mans comments and behaviour

Ans – A

3.       Where did the Quick Man have the bowl of goldfish hidden?

A.      In his hat

B.      In his pocket

C.      Up his sleeve

D.      In the cloth

Ans – A

4.       What did the conjurer use the mortar and pestle on?

A.      The Quick Man’s handkerchief

B.      A member of the audience’s handkerchief

C.      The Quick Man’s watch

D.      To crack the eggs

Ans – C

5.       Why did the Quick Man want to debunk the conjurer’s trick?

A.      To make him look wiser than the conjurer

B.      To show that the conjurer was not good at his job

C.      To show that he could do better

D.      To ensure the audience didn’t enjoy the show

Ans –A

6.       The audience concluded that the Hidostanee rings were

A.      In the hat

B.      In the handkerchief

C.      In the sleeve

D.      In the box

Ans – C

7.       How do you think the Quick Man felt about the conjurer?

A.      He was angry with him

B.      He was jealous of him

C.      He thought himself better than him

D.      He aimed to prove he wasn’t a real magician

Ans – D

8.       Due to the actions of the Quick Man the egg trick was________

A.      Extremely successful

B.      Partly successful

C.      Not at all successful

D.      Partly unsuccessful

Ans – C

9.       The theme of the story is________

A.      Humour

B.      Revenge

C.      Jealously

D.      Magic

Ans – B

10.   What is at stake for the conjurer?

A.      Money

B.      Fame

C.      His reputation

D.      Revenge

Ans – C

11.   The Conjurer’s Revenge’ is a story written by________

A.      Stephen Leacock

B.      R.K.Narayan

C.      Sudha Murthy

D.      Swami Vivekananda

Ans – A

12.   Who was beaten at the end of the story?

A.      The Conjurer

B.      The Quick Man

C.      Both the conjurer and the Quick Man

D.      None of the above

Ans - B

Lets learn about the story by reading the  SUMMARY

The Conjurer's Revenge Summary in English:

Stephen Leacock has written a short story 'The Conjurer's Revenge'. This story has two main characters the Conjurer and a Quick Man. The Quick man is among the audience and he keeps on counter answering for every trick of the conjurer's magic and this makes the conjurer angry and the conjurer loses his reputation in the audience. The conjurer presents to his audience his first trick that is he takes a bowl of fish from an empty cloth. All the people around him appreciate him for the wonderful trick. But the Quick man sitting on the front seat whispers loudly that He had in his sleeve. Thus the audience comes to know that the conjurer had hidden the bowl under his clothes sleeve and thus the trick is spoiled. Then the conjurer continues to perform  other tricks like the Hindostanee rings separated rings get joined at a low and then he extracted 17 eggs from his hat. While the Quick man at the end of every trick shouts he had up in his sleeve. This makes the Conjurer angry since his tricks are spoiled and also his reputation is also damaged. he decides to take revenge of the Quick man.

He tell he is performing a Japanese trick and with the permission of the Quick man gets his gold watch, handkerchief, the collar and spectacles. The quick man thinks that he is just playing tricks and he will get back his things but actually the Conjurer is taking revenge . With the mortar and pestle he breaks his gold watch, spectacles, makes holes in his handkerchief and burns his collar. He wants to paint the quick mans body with green stripes but the Quick man realizes that the conjurer is not playing trick but is damaging his things. The conjurer ends his show by taking the revenge of the Quick man. Thus we can say that the theme of the short story The Conjurer's Revenge is Revenge taken by Conjurer against the Quick Man. The conjurer manipulatively engaged the Quick Man into his tricks and in the end, the Quick Man realized the conjurer had indeed taken his revenge.

Conclusion - Thus we can say that 'The Conjurer's Revenge' teaches us that human emotions like anger can  result in taking revenge. Revenge is always harmful and impacts human beings.

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