The Lighthouse Keeper of Aspinwall Question and Answers - RTMNU Nagpur University, Shivaji University Kolhapur, Saurashtra University

The Lighthouse keeper of Aspinwall by Henry Sienkiwicz- Question and Answers for RTMNU Nagpur University, Shivaji University Kolhapur, Saurashtra University

The Lighthouse keeper of Aspinwall - English RTMNU BA 

The Lighthouse keeper of Aspinwall -for  B A Shivaji University Kolhapur TYBA Compulsory English, Saurashtra University BBA Sem3, RTMNU BA Third year Supplementary English, Nagpur University BCCA Sem 1 English and Business Communication.

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About the Short Story in English:

In this story is about Mr. Skavinski a 70 years old man who has a erect body with straight shoulders and white hair and blue eyes who worked as a soldier ih his earlier life. He worked in different parts of the world but failed in every thing we did. Now as an old man he wanted a place to rest and so he attended the interview of lighthouse keeper of Aspinwall. He impressed the employer Mr. Falconbridge with his excellent communication and interviewing skills and finally got  the job of lighthouse keeper.

     Details of story:

Short Story Name

The Light House Keeper of Aspin Wall


Henry Sienkiewicz

Soft Skill

 Interviewing and Verbal Communication

The Lighthouse keeper of Aspinwall Question and Answer

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he The Lighthouse Keeper of Aspinwall  by Henry Sienkiewicz- Question and  Answers

1.      How did the lighthouse keeper’s job got vacant?

Near the Isthmus of Panama a lighthouse keeper of Aspinwall near to Panama disappeared during a storm. It was assumed that the lighthouse keeper went to the very edge of the small rocky island and was swept out by a wave. The lighthouse keeper’s boat was also not found the next day on the rocky island.  The lighthouse keeper was not found. So the job of lighthouse keeper was vacant.

 2.      Why is it important to find a suitable candidate for the job in twelve hours?

It was necessary to fill the position of lighthouse keeper in twelve hours because the lighthouse was   significant for the local movements as well as for the vessels going from New York to Panama. Navigation in the daytime was difficult and night time it was almost impossible.  So the sailors would face great difficulty if the lighthouse keeper did not guide and help them. Especially with the fogs which are frequent on the waters warmed by the sun of the tropics. So lighthouse is the only guide to numerous ships and vessels in the ocean hence a suitable candidate had to be found within twelve hours.

3.      What is the nature of the job?

 The lighthouse keeper is almost like a prisoner. He cannot leave the rocky island except on Sundays. A boat from Aspinwall brings him provisions and water once a day, and returns immediately. The keeper lives in the lighthouse, he keeps it in order. During the day he gives signals by displaying flags of various colours to indicate changes of the barometer. In the evening he lights the lantern. To reach the lantern at the summit of the tower he has to walk 400 high steps. In general it is a life of a monk and indeed more than that the life of a hermit. The light housekeeper has to be alone spend six days without any friend nearby. So the lighthouse keepers job is lonely, dull without any talk or communication, and requires alertness and promptness to give directions to ships and vessels day and night. Thus it’s a lonely job without any social connect or human touch.

4.      How does the interview begin, develop and conclude?

The interview for the post of lighthouse keeper began with a good note.  Mr. Falconbridge was pleased at the first glance of Mr. Skavinski. When the conversation began Mr. Falconbridge asked him which country he belonged and did he have any testimonials of honorable government service. Mr. Skavinski was able to answer him by showing faded silk flag, crosses he received in 1830. Mr Skavinski was able to convince Mr. Falconbridge that he is physically strong and have strength in his legs to climb the steps saying that he crossed the plains on the foot. Finally he convinced him saying he is old and needed rest and quiet place and this light is the perfect job for him for rest and peace. Thus during the interview his earnestness and sincerity of purpose is clearly visible to his employer Mr.Falconbridge and he is able to convince Falconbridge to hire him. The interview concluded on a positive note. Mr Falconbridge accepted Mr. Skavinski and offered him the job of lighthouse keeper at Aspinwall. Mr. Skavinski had prepared himself before the interview. He had collected all the information about the job role, the expectations and prepared and organized how to present and speak about himself very well. His preparedness was the reason for getting through the interview.

 5.    Looking from the balcony of the tower what did Mr Skavinski remember about his past life?


            List down the misfortunes or failures of Mr. Savinski?


Looking out of balcony of the tower Mr.Skavinski remembered how he had campaigned in the four parts of the world, and in wandering he had tried almost every occupation and failed in it.

Mr.Skavinski was a labour loving honest man and always lost money he earned inspite of being cautious and careful. He had been a gold –miner in Australia, a diamond digger in Africa, a rifleman in public service in the East Indies. He established a ranch in California – the drought ruined him. He tried trading with wild tribes in the interior of Brazil –his raft was wrecked on the Amazon and he was left alone to himself weapon less and nearly naked wandered in the forest for many weeks was surviving on fruits and exposed to death facing wild beasts. He established a forge in Helena Arkanas and that was burned in great fire which consumed the whole town. Next he fell into the hands of Indians in Rocky Mountains  and was saved by Canadian trappers. He had a cigar factory in Havana and was robbed by his partner. At last he came to Aspinwall as a end to his failures in life. But irrespective of all the tragic events he had a patience of an Indian. It was full of confidence after so many disappointments and did not lose hope that all would be well.

6.      Explain why Mr. Skavinski does not share his most difficult moments with his employer?

Mr. Skavinski in his life had faced many failures and misfortunes. He had served in the war as a soldier. Now after wandering all the four corners and failed in almost every attempt he was like a lost ship which needed a harbor.  He was like a ship whose masts, ropes and sails had been broken and rent by tempest and cast away from the clouds to the bottom of the sea. He was a wandered, had no place to stay. Now he was in desperate need of a place to stay and a job to survive for food and other needs. He though sharing about his failures may create a bad impression on Mr. Falconbridge and so he did not share his failures.  So in order to create a good image about himself he never spoke of his misfortunes and difficult moments.

 7.      What qualities of Skavinski does the author admire?

The author admires his confidence and patience in the difficult moments of his life.  He admires the wonderful quality of possessing confidence after so many disappointments and how he did not lose hope that all would be well yet. He waited in winters and summers in a hope that all will be good one day. He began to grew older, lose his energy, his endurance was becoming more and more like resignations, he was growing super sensitiveness. He was also feeling homesick which would arise in any moment of sight of swallows, gray birds like sparrows, snow on the mountain. He waited in silence and full of confidence. He dared to keep his hope alive in the most difficult moments of life. These qualities are admired by the author.

8. What soft skills does the author focus in the lesson ' The Lighthouse keeper of Aspinwall'?

The writer emphasizes on  Interview skills. The soft skill -interview skill is the key skill that made Mr. Skavinski get a job at an old age. Mr. Skavinski was a old man who had faced number of failures in his life. He was not a strong and desirable candidate for the job of lighthouse keeper at Aspinwall. Mr. Isaac Falconbridge judged Skavinski from his appearance first. But when he spoke to him he was impressed by the answers he gave. Mr. Skavinski had  collected information about the job role and responsibilities and had collected all he needed information prior to interview. He had prepared himself to face the interview will all the knowledge, skills needed to  get selected for the job. His preparation well in advance and presentation and communication skills helped him to get selected for the job of lighthouse keeper. He removed the hurdle by persuasion  and thus passed the interview. 

The author thus portrays the importance of preparation for interview. Hurdles and obstacles in the interview can be managed if preparation and persuasion  skills are cleverly used.Oral communication is also important soft skills which helps individuals to clear  job interviews, placement interviews, school or college admission interviews.


So we have studied all the important questions of the short story 'The Light Housekeeper of Aspinwall'.

The short story The Light House Keeper of Aspin Wall' reflects the need and importance of soft skills in our life. Soft skills are the skills which enhances our personality and  helps us to succeed in life. Just like Mr. Skavinski who mastered the soft skill of communication and persuasion to get a job at an old age.

       FAQs on The Light House Keeper of Aspinwall

1. Who is the writer of the story The Light House Keeper of Aspin Wall?

  The Lighthouse Keeper of Aspinwall is written by Henry Sienkiewicz.

2. What is a lighthouse?

A lighthouse is long tall tower/building which on the coast of ocean or a lake which helps the ships/large vessels by emitting light to help them to sail in the right direction thus helps in navigation.

3. Which soft skill does the story focus on?

The short story focuses on the soft skills of oral/verbal communication. The importance of  clear and crisp communication is stressed by the writer.

4. Does Mr. Skavinski succeed in life at last, does he get the job of light house keeper at Aspinwall?

Yes Mr. Skavinski succeeds at last after facing many failures. Yes he gets the job of light housekeeper at the Aspinwall.


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