When Telegrams Were Bad - MCQs RTMNU University BA English

MCQs When Telegrams Were Bad Sudha Murthy - B A English RTMNU Nagpur University

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Compulsory English is one of subject of  BA which every student has to appear. RTMN Nagpur University students BA Compulsory English subject has 100 marks out of which 80 marks for theory exam and 20 marks are given for internal assessment. The lesson ' When Telegrams Were Bad' written by Sudha Murthy is prescribed in the Syllabus of RTMNU BA Compulsory English Semester 2. This short story is taken from Sudha Murthy's book Wise and Otherwise - A Salute To Life. In this article the lesson explanation is given along with  MCQs based on the lesson ' When Telegrams Were Bad'. Students will find this article helpful for appearing in  RTMNU BA Compulsory English Semester 2 Examination.

हिंदी में सिलेबस/अभ्यासक्रम की जानकारी

कंपल्सरी इंग्लिश यह विषय बीए के  हर एक विद्याथ्री को पढ़ना पड़ता हैं आर टी म नागपुर यूनिवर्सिटी के बीए के विद्याथ्री को कंपल्सरी इंग्लिश के १०० मार्क होते हैं इसमें ८० मार्क  लिखित परिक्षा और २० मार्क्स इंटरनल अस्सेस्मेंट के होते हैं यह पाठ ' व्हेन तेलेग्राम्स वेर बैड' लेखिका सुधा मूर्ति ने लिखा हैं ये छोटी कहानी सुधा मूर्थी की किताब 'वाइज एंड अदरवाइज- अ सॅलूट टू लाइफ' में से ली गई हैं इस आर्टिकल में पाठ का सरल शब्दों में अर्थ के साथ मसीकुक्स दी गई हैं छात्रों को यह लेख आरटीएमएनयू बीए अनिवार्य अंग्रेजी सेमेस्टर 2 परीक्षा में शामिल होने के लिए उपयोगी लगेगा।

About the lesson -When Telegrams Were Bad

When telegrams were bad is a short story by Sudha Murthy. This story uses humor to describe a situation in which a small spelling mistake a communication error creates a terrible situation. In this story Sudha Murthy shares about an incident in of her young days in which she used to work as an employee and suddenly receives a telegram of 'father expired start immediately'. She speaks about the great misery, trauma caused to her due to a small communication error in the telegram sent to her. After she receives the telegrams she travels to her home and remembers how close her father had been to her. She loves her father very much and felt very sorrowful. After reaching her village she was surprised that no one was there to receive her and her house was silent and peaceful without hearing cries and sorrow.  

On reaching she saw her father alive and speaking to her and then she gained strength and asked her father why did they sent such a telegram Her father explained to her that it was Lata her friend whose father had passed away and Lata sent her the telegram. She missed to write my father and wrote father. A small writing error had caused a havoc. Sudha Murthy explains that clear communication is very important in life through this story.

RTMNU BA SEMESTER 2 Compulsory English Lesson - When Telegrams Were Bad

When Telegrams Were Bad MCQs RTMNU B A

Answer the following MCQ Multiple Choice Questions:

1.       1.Why was the narrator angry at one of her colleagues?

A.      Because he hinted that she might have been lying

B.      Because she didn’t want him to complain about her

C.      Because her father was no more

D.      Because she was a bad tempered person

Ans -  A 

2.      2. In those days telephones_____________

A.      Were common in every home

B.      Were uncommon but they had one in their home

C.      Were not yet invented

D.      Were the prerogative of the rich

Ans – D

3.       3.What kind of relationship did the narrator share with her father?

A.      She was a dutiful daughter and obeyed her father

B.      She was closer to her mother

C.      She was extremely close to her father

D.      She didn’t have a good relationship with him

Ans – C

4.      4. How well did  Lata’s family know the narrator’s family?

A.      Not very well

B.      Very Well

C.      Not at all

D.      They were related

Ans – B

5.      5. When the narrator arrived at the train station she expected ________to be waiting for           her.

A.      Her father

B.      Her cousin

C.      Lata

D.      Nobody

Ans – B

6.       6.When Sudha arrived at her home, she expected to see______

A.      A lot of people to pay their respect

B.      Her Family waiting for her in mourning

C.      Lata and her friends

D.      Her cousins

Ans- A

7.     7.  The best way to get leave was to_________.

A.      Apply for it in advance

B.      Say you were ill

C.      Take it without informing

D.      Receive a telegram informing of the death of a family member

Ans – D

8.       8.What has an impact on people in a big city?

A.      The culture and industrialization

B.      The cost of living

C.      Education

D.      The use of telephones

Ans – A

9.       9.When she received the telegram, the narrator’s colleagues______

A.      Advised her not to take leave

B.      Advised her to apply for leave

C.      Believed that the telegram was real and helped her

D.      Thought she was lying

Ans – C

1     10.  How did the missing word in the telegram affect the message?

A.      It changed the meaning completely

B.      It changed the meaning partially

C.      It didn’t affect the meaning at all

D.      It revealed that Lata was lying

Ans – A

1       11.What did telegram often bring in the good old days?

A.      News of big events in cities

B.      Bad news

C.      News of small towns

D.      Education

Ans – B

1      12.What according to author differentiates animals from human beings?

A.      Clothes

B.      Culture

C.      Communication

D.      Education

Ans – C

13     13.What according to the author is essential in everyday life?

A.      Employment to earn a livelihood

B.      Education regarding one’s culture

C.      Good environment

D.      Clear Thinking and Clear Communication

Ans – D

14.  14. How does friendship differ in small towns and big cities?

A.      In a small town it really required

B.      In big cities it really required

C.      In a small town it grows faster and thicker

D.      In big cities it grows faster and thicker

Ans - C

 Conclusion In this article the lesson 'When Telegrams Were Bad' is explained in simple words for easy understanding. All the important MCQs for RTMNU BA Compulsory English semester 2 students are provided to help revise the lesson.

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