The Antidote R K Narayan Question & Answer RTMNU University B A Compulsory English Sem 2

  The Antidote by R K Narayan Question Answer - RTMNU Nagpur University

'The Antidote' Question Answer - Compulsory English  B A Sem 2 RTMNU Nagpur University

RTMN University BA English semester two students have the lesson The Antidote by R K Narayan As per the new syllabus RTMNU BA Compulsory English subject is an important subject. Students face difficulties to find and prepare answers. To help and assist students of RTMNU BA Compulsory English students the answers given here are in simple and easy language. Students can refer to RTMNU BA Compulsory English Syllabus Semester 2 to know all the lessons, poems, writing skills and grammar section.

The Antidote R K Narayan Question Answer

The Antidote by R K Narayan:

Details : RTMNU  Bachelor of Arts  Compulsory English First Year Semester 2


 Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University


 B A   1st Year Semester 2


Compulsory English


2023 - 2024

Name  of the lesson/ story

The Antidote


 R K Narayan

Textbook for RTMNU BA English first year : Alluring Aroma Macmillan Education

The Antidote Summary in short :

The Antidote is a humorous story by R K Narayan. The story is based on Gopal (the main character), his belief on the astrologer and his prediction. The social evil of superstition in the society is reflected in the story. Gopal firmly believes in the astrologer's prediction and the story revolves on Gopal's behavior caused by the superstition. He refuses to do the act of death scene and the dialogue between Gopal and director is portrayed in a comic way. Social evils exist in the society and superstition is one of them. The agony and trauma caused by social evil is depicted humorously by R K Narayan.

The theme of The Antidote story is superstition a social evil,  trauma and agony, humor.

Lets learn RTMNU BA English Lesson The Antidote question and answers:

1.   What is antidote in the story? What effects does Gopal think it will have on the words of the astrologer?

Antidote is something that counteracts or prevents something harmful. In particular it means a medicine which is given to counter attack a poison and neutralize it.

The astrologer had told Gopal that he might not see his forty –ninth birthday and if he lived to that day he should not worry. The astrologer suggested that he should not do anything unpleasant on his 49th birthday. Gopal believes the superstition and is living in fear and trauma. This shows that how a superstition, a word of astrologer transforms Gopal’s life and leads him in fearful, disappointing, terrible situation in life. Gopal thinks that the words of astrologer are true and believes that if he acts in the scene as a dying man he too will die. The words of astrologer has created a negative, terrible effect on Gopal and he is been living in fear all these years due to his belief on the superstitious words of astrologer. The words of the astrologer have created a mental agony and fear in Gopal’s life.

Gopal is an actor and works under the director and follows his words and orders. Gopal has to do what the director expects him to do. He has no choice else he will be replaced y another actor. The director is a person who wants everyone to obey him without asking any questions.

2.   Why did the director seem unhappy with Gopal? Why do you think he referred to him as a puppet?

The director is a person who wants everyone to follow his orders. He wants everything done according to his will. He does not like anyone questioning him. When Gopal is asked   the scene of death by the director Gopal refuses to do this scene. He asks the director if he could change the scene. Listening the refusal of Gopal the director was unhappy. Gopal,  said he disliked the scene and so asked to change it.

Gopal further told the director that it was his 49th birthday and he was told by an astrologer in the past that he would not live up to 49th birthday and see it. If he lives to see his 49th birthday that he should no more worry in life. Gopal believed the words of astrologer and his began to live in fear and agony. That day was his 49th birthday and so he did not want to act the scene of death of a person. He did not want to do anything unpleasant on that day as instructed by the astrologer.

Gopal is an actor and as a puppet has to follow whatever the director says. So even though he does not want to act the scene he has no choice but to continue the acting as he may lose job. So Gopal is called puppet of the director.

3.    What message is Narayan attempting to convey through the story?

The story  ‘The Antidote’ by R k Narayan is a satire. In the story the author explains the role of superstition, astrologer, astronomy, horoscope in the life of human beings and in particular is portrayed through the life of Gopal. The story explains how superstition and astrology affects human being mentally. Any kind of superstitions has a adverse effect on human life and disturbs the peace of mind of human being. The takes way the joy and happiness and mentally weakens human being. People still believe in superstitions and live in agony and fear.

Narayan is trying to convey the same message through this story. Gopal the main character believes the words of the astrologer that he may die before 49th birthday. He believes the words of the astrologer and experiences fear and agony in his day to day life. The superstition created havoc in the life of Gopal. Many people in the world are like Gopal. They blindly believe words of astrologer no matter how educated they are. Narayan is trying to tell the readers about the ill effects of superstition in our society and families.

4.        4. How has Narayan used humour to highlight a social evil in the story? Elaborate

R K Narayan tries to use humour and creates humour in the story and convey meaningful message regarding superstition prevailing in the society. Humour and pathos are portrayed in the story.

When Gopal refuses to act the death scene and comes up with a suggestion to change the scene is really humorous. He tries to convince the director to change the ending in the pretext that public may not like the tragic end is really a humorous situation. Gopal and Director’s conversation is a really funny and creates humorous moments in the story.

An astrologer has predicted that Gopal may not see his 49th birthday. Gopal believe this superstitious belief. This shows Gopal’s strong belief in the superstitions and experiences agony and fear.  The writer reflects the mental trauma experienced by human being by superstitions prevailing the society. He tactfully uses humour in the story to make the superstition create a light effect and bring out the effects of horoscope, prediction and astrology through the life of Gopal.

The funny conversation of reusing to do the scene , then the request to change the scene, the writers refusal to edit the story and finally Gopal agreeing to do the scene all are portrayed in a comical and light way and thus the social evil is presented in a humorous way creating a profound and meaningful  effect at the end.

5. Write a short note about the author R. K Narayan?

Rasipuram Krishnaswami Narayan is the full name of R.K Narayan. He was born in 1906 and lived up to 2001. R K Narayan is one of the best Indian author who wrote in English. R.K. Narayan's work has been compared with that of Guy de Maupassant because of their precise nature and his ability to compress narratives. He has created a imaginary fictional town in almost all of his work known as Malgudi. Narayan usually focuses on human relationships and ironies of every day life in India. He writes in simple easy language and that is his specialty. He can connect to readers of every age group write from children to old people.

6. Did Gopal finally act in the scene?

Yes Gopal finally agreed to do the scene. He had no option because if he would say no some one else would do the scene and Gopal would be out of job. Gopal had a family to be taken care. He could not afford to be out of job because he was the main bread earner of the family. So he had to act against his will and wish and had no choice but to listen to the director.

Conclusion: Important questions of the lesson 'The Antidote' by R K Narayan for RTMNU BA English semester 2 is covered in a easy way. These solutions will be helpful to students and assists them to revise, learn and write answers in a organized way to get good marks. Writing answers to questions is an art and in Bulbul Study an effort is made to help students to learn the art of writing answers.

FAQs on the lesson The Antidote

1. Who made the prediction that Gopal would die before 48 years?

An astrologer who met Gopal made this prediction. This changed Gopal's life.

2. Did Gopal believe in the astrologer's prediction?

Yes Gopal believed in the astrologers prediction and began to live in fear.

3. Did Gopal finally listen to the director and act in the scene?

Yes Gopal at last listened to the director and did the scene.

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