Lord Ullin's Daughter Question Answer B A RTMNU Nagpur University


Lord Ullin’s Daughter Question Answer BA RTMNU Nagpur University

Lord Ullin's Daugther byThomal Campbell BA Compulsory English Sem 2 RTMNU Nagpur University

Lord Ullins Daugther Question Answer

 About the Poem in Short:

Lord Ullin's daughter is a poignant ballad depicting the tragic drowning of a Highland chieftain and his beloved in a stromy sead while trying to escape from the anger of an anraged father Lord Ullin.

Character mentioned in the ballad:

Lord Ullin - Father

Lord Ullin's Daughter - beautiful young lady

Chieftan - Chief of Ulva island

Lord Ullin's Dauther and Chieftain are madly in love and fear that Lord Ullin would not accept the love of the couple. So they elope and drown while crossing the Lochgyle sea. The father is his pursuit to bring back his daugther sees his daughter drowning in the middle of the sea. He laments seeing the downing, his heart is transformed and is willing to forgive his daughter but it's too late. Both the lovers drown in the middle of the sea.

Answer the Questions

1.     1. Describe the predicament faced by the Chieftain and his lady love and what forced them to take the desperate decision of crossing a stormy sea?

 Lord Ullin’s daughter loves the Chieftain of Ulva isle. They both love each other and want to get married. The lady love knows that her father will not allow her to marry the chieftain and will oppose for the marriage. So she defies her father and elopes with her lover. When Lord Ullin came to know about it, he along with his soldiers follows the lover to catch them. Lord Ullin would slain the Chieftain and take his daughter back to home. In fear of being separated the two lovers are forced to take the decision of crossing stormy sea.

2.  2. How does the poet vividly portray Nature to show the tragedy that looms over the star crossed lovers?

Nature changes furiously. The sea waves were raging white. The storm grew fierce. The stormy sea was threatening like a ghost. The heaven was scowling.  The wind was getting wilder and uncontrollable. The night was growing darker and Lord Ullin’s daughter heard the trampling sound. The stormy sea was unmanageable; It was a helpless moment because they were in the middle of the stormy sea. Thus the poet describes the nature’s power.

3.   3. What opinion do you form of the characters of the Chieftain and his lady from your study of poem?

The characters Lord Ullin’s daughter and Chieftain of Ulva lover each other and want to get married to one another. The father Lord Ullin is totally against the lovers and is determined to bring back his daughter and slain the Chieftain. The young lady loves the Chieftain and goes against her father’s decision. She elopes with the Chieftain and wants to spend her life with him.

This act shows that she loves Chieftain above all and has willingly escaped the wrath of her father. The chieftain is also in love with her and both the loves elope at the risk of losing life. They are not worried about the consequences if they are caught and are ready to sacrifice life for love. This shows that both the characters are true and loyal lovers.

4.   4. Write a short note on the appropriateness of the title of the poem?

 The poem’s title “ Lord Ullin’s Daughter” is appropriate since the poem is based   to Lord Ullin’s Daughter. The poem describes the daughters love for her lover the Chieftain of Ulva isle. The escape from her father and the journey through the boat to cross the stormy Lochgyle sea. The lovers were caught in the middle of the furious sea and stormy winds.  The lovers drown in the middle of the sea. The tragic sight of both the lovers drowning in the sea melts the heart of Lord Ullin, who is ready to forgive and accept them. But it is too late both the lovers meet death together. So we can say that the title is appropriate since it describes the tragic  death incident of Lord Ulin’s daughter,  the fathers mourning for his daugther and the love of father.

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