MCQs The School Boy poem by William Blake - RTMNU BA English Bulbul Study

MCQs -The School Boy by William Blake RTMNU BA English Semester 2

Students of RTM Nagpur University  Bachelor of Arts of English Semester 2 need to study the poem The School Boy by William Blake. The summary of the poem is provided in English and Hindi for BA English RTMNU students. Students can read, understand and revise the MCQs from this article.

The School Boy - MCQs BA English RTMNU

The School Boy - Summary & MCQs

Information about William Blake - the poet of the poem 'The School Boy'

William Blake born was  in 1757 and died in 1827 was a influencing and inspirational poet. He was also a painter along being a poet. He was quite well known poet in the Romantic period in English Literature. Some of his popular works include:

Songs of Innocence
Gates of Paradise
Marriage of Heaven and Hell
The French Revolution
Jerusalem and Milton 

About the Poem - The School Boy

This poem is a part of William Blakes well known work  Songs of Experience published in 1794. The poem speaks about how a nature loving school going boy is forced to attend school, The school boy does not like going to school and sitting in closed class room to study else is a free moving boy who likes freedom enjoys nature. He likes to be outdoor and feels he could learn in nature. The poet possesses a thought that the prevalent education system damages the happiness and innocence of the youth and does not help in educating youth in happy pleasant environment. 

The poet William Blake was mostly a self educated man and so he did not face the struggle of daily school classes going to school as a child. Blake advocated education must be the foundation and inner sense in life. So that in future students can face any challenges & problems in human life. This inner sense can not be developed through strict rules and regulations in a class room studying under a strict teacher, but rather it is very painful for the students and is terrible suffering and remove's the joy of education and reduces the quality or pleasures in life.

In this poem the poet aim is to help the readers think and see the huge differences between freedom and joy derived from being in nature's blossom and the terrible pain being in a enclosed space called classroom for getting education. The poet in this poem emphasizes the joy of learning in nature in an open environment and feels distressed to study in a classroom under a strict teacher.

Summary of the Poem:

The speaker in the poem says that he loves to wake up early in the summer morning when the birds sing on each and every tree, and the hunter blows his horn and the skylark bird sings with the speaker saying what a sweet company. The  speaker further says that he is enjoying the beauty of the nature the idea of going to school takes all the joy away from him. The speaker under a matured and strict eyes of a teacher the little school children spend the day in distress and sorrow. The speaker at times sit with falling shoulders and spend many hours in anxiety and anxiousness and is not able to get pleasure and joy in the books nor sit in a closed classroom and be in the depressing classroom. The speaker say how do a bird that is meant to fly freely in the sky sit in  cage and sing with the same joy. How can a little child  when s slightly angry drop his anger and forget the joy he derives in the nature.

The speaker urges the father and mother saying if the buds are broken away on the trees how will flowers shoot on th tree and if the tender plants are crushed then how can they bloom in the spring season. How the can summer come up with happiness and pleasantness, how can fruits in the summer blossom? How shall people we gather all thing that are destroyed and scattered  by grief or bless the passing year when the winter wind blows like a blast in force and destroys .

कवि के बारे में जानकारी

विलियम ब्लेक एक बहुत लोकप्रिय और प्रेरणात्मक कवि थे. उनका जन्म १७५७ में हुआ और मृत्यु १८२७ में हुई वह एक इंग्लिश कवि थे इंग्लिश लिटरेचर के रोमांटिक एरा के एक महान कवी थे उनके कुछ लोकप्रिय किताबो के नाम:

सोंग्स आफ़ इन्नोसेंसे

गेट्स ऑफ़ पैराडाइस

मैरिज ऑफ़ हेवन और हेल

थे फ्रेंच रेवोलुशन

जेरूसलम एंड मिल्टन

कविता का सारांश

कविता का वक्ता कहता हैं कि उसे  गर्मी के मौसम में सुबह जल्दी उठना अच्छा लगता हैं जब पक्षी हर डाल पर गाना गाते हैं जब कोई शिकारी अपनी तुरही बजता हैं तब स्काईलार्क पक्षी वक्ता के साथ गाना गाता हैं वक्ता कहता हैं की गर्मी के सुहाने मौसम में स्कूल जाना उसे अच्छा नहीं लगता वह स्कूल जाने के लिए खुश नहीं हैं उदास हैं क्योकि स्कूल में बूढे स्कूल शिक्षक के कठोर आखों  के निचे उसे पढ़ना पसंद नहीं हैं उसे किताबो से ख़ुशी नहीं मिलती ना स्कूल के बंद कमरे में खुश हैं

वक्ता कहता हैं की केसे कोई पक्षी पिंजरे में कैद होकर खुश रहेगा वैसे ही केसे कोई स्कूल का बच्चा कठोर शिक्षक के नियमो में पढ़ने से खुश रहेगा वक्ता फिर अपने माँ और पिता से कहता हैं जब कोई कलि को पौधे से अलग करने से फुल नहीं खिलता जब किसी पौधे से उसकी ख़ुशी को कोई ले लेता हैं तो वह पौधा केसे खुश रहेगा. केसे गर्मी में ख़ुशी आएगी केसे गर्मी में फल लगेगे कैसे हम बिखरी खुशिऔ को इकठा करेगे जब सर्दी के जोरदार हव्वा चलती हैं

इस कविता में जोवक्ता हैं  वह कहता हैं की उसे शिक्षा या पढ़ने का आनंद  प्रकृति  में अच्छा लगता हैं बंद स्कूल के रूम में उसे पड़ने में बिलकुल अच्छा नहीं लगता कवी विलियम ब्लके खुद ज्यादा टार खुद शिक्षा प् चुके हैं उन्हें स्कुल की शीक्षा में ज्यादा रूचि नहीं हैं

Answer the Multiple Choice Questions MCQs: The School Boy 

1. Who is the speaker talking to when he says, 'If buds are nipped'?

A. His Parents

B. His Teacher

C. A Caged Bird

D. All of these

Ans -A

2. What drives all the joy away?

A. The caged bird

B. Nip in the bud

C. Blown blossoms

D. School on  a summer morning

Ans - D

3. The little ones spend the day in_______and _________

A. Sighing, dismay

B. Happiness, glory

C. Happiness, joy

D. Sighing, sorrow

Ans -A

4. What does the boy like about the huntsman?

A. The sound of the horn

B. His hunting skills

C. His personality

D. His Strength

Ans - A

5. Who sings along with the school boy?

A. His parents

B. The huntsman

C. The skylark

D. His friends

Ans -C

6. The Cruel eye referred  to is that of ______

A/. The parents

B. The skylark

C, Winter

D. The teacher

Ans - D

7. How does the boy feel about going to school in the summer?

A. He despises it.

B. He enjoys it.

C. He doesn't mind as long as he gets to read a book.

D. He cannot concentrate

Ans - A

8. In the poem The School Boy, the speaker thinks that the formal education system

A. Enhances students

B. Motivates students

C. Is the best education system

D. Hinders students growth

Ans - D

9. Who is the poet of the poem The School Boy

A. William Wordsworth

B. William Blake

C. Samuel Coleridge

D. P B Shelley

Ans - B

Conclusion : The poet William Blake presents the feelings of the school boy and his happiness and joy in the company of nature.

FAQs on The School Boy Poem

1. Who is the poet of the poem 'The School Boy'?

William Blake is the poet of the poem 'The School Boy'.

2. Is the school boy happy in the school?

No the school boy is not happy in the school.

3. Does the poet like formal education system?

No the poet does not like the formal education system.

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